The Jukebox Drive-in

Sundays 8pm to 11pm (UK)

Radio presenter Robbie Owen is a former "pirate radio" Dj and a veteran of broadcasting in Northamptonshire. Now at Corby Radio 96.3 FM, he started at Kettering's KCBC in 1990, and whilst there developed "The Jukebox Drive-In". The programme turns the musical clock back to the sixties and builds on the "British Beat" era - the classical line-up of three guitars and drums. So expect to hear lots of "Beatlesque" tunes both old and new!

The first hour includes "Record Collector's Corner" which looks at reissues on CD, collectable vinyl, and gigs by favourite artists. There's a competition, and in the next hour "This Day in Music" celebrates musical anniversaries on today's date, followed by "Extended Play" (a remix or an "epic" song!). Then the "Life of a Song" examines the origins and recordings of some of our most enduring popular songs.

In the final hour it may be non-stop oldies, an interview, a special feature, or "Jukebox Knitting" where YOU choose all the songs. The programme comes from Robbie's own studio, called the "Magic Echo" where he is surrounded by records, both CD and vinyl, and yes, the Magic Echo has a pair of turntables!

But the Magic Echo is also a state-of-the-art automated playout system, and streams recordings of recent Jukebox Drive-Ins along with highlights from recordings made over the past 40 years!

The Magic Echo sends streams in high quality 320K MP3 stereo (HQ) and a stereo 64K AAC stream for mobile listening (MOB) - try the links below.

Robbie is also a regular presenter and volunteer Chairman of Radio Mi Amigo International: bringing you music and jingles from the Golden Era of Offshore Broadcasting, right across Europe on shortwave 6085KHz and around the world online. No tight formats or playlists, just the best music made and played between 1960 and 1988, handpicked by the Mi Amigo DJ crew who started their careers on the legendary pirate radio ships such as Radio Caroline's 'MV Mi Amigo', Swinging Radio England's 'Laissez-Faire', Laser 558's 'Communicator' and of course, the Voice of Peace.

The Best Oldies Station in Europe - the music of a generation played by the generation that lived it!

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